Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP)

Full-time, Online, Graduation Pathway

CDP is a virtual learning pathway as outlined in Act 77 and supports students in gaining proficiency to meet high school proficiency-based graduation requirements while working from a distance. Supported by VTVLC, students can work with their CDP school of choice and enroll in core academic courses, electives, project-based learning, and even health and personal fitness courses entirely online.

Students will work with an advisor/mentor from their CDP school, and be supported by VTVLC teachers holding both Vermont content area endorsements and the additional Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement. A student success coach and a team of VTVLC staff will be available to assist students with everything from technical questions to time management.

In addition to the program coursework, students will also be required to submit status reports on the 1st of each month that they are enrolled. These reports help students set learning goals, reflect on what is working for them, and help them develop proficiency with self-direction.


Now Accepting Applications! 

Registration Details


First, you’ll want to confirm your eligibility. CDP allows students in who live in town with a non-operating school the option of earning their high school diploma from a geographically distant Vermont public high school. View the list of eligible towns in Vermont.

Guidelines & Requirements

  • Priority enrollment allows two students per tuition town.
  • Acceptance of students for enrollment is based upon receipt of the first two completed applications meeting all program requirements per town.
  • Additional students may be eligible based on availability with permission.
  • Priority will be given to juniors and seniors.
  • Students can request up to 11 enrollments, or the equivalent of 5.5 credits per school year (inclusive of summer). This can be a combination of traditional and/or on demand enrollments.
  • All students must demonstrate prior success with completing course work online. If the student has not had prior experience in an online course, they will be required to take a course during the summer months to show success prior to the start of the fall semester.

Timeline for 2021-2022 School Year

  • April 1st – September 10th, Registration Open
  • May 13th – September 9th, CDP Application Packet Student Submissions
  • September 17th – Program Acceptance/Nonacceptance Notices Sent
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