Partner with VTVLC

All Vermont schools are eligible to partner with VTVLC and support flexible pathways through online learning opportunities.

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VTVLC Partnership

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC) is one of the only cooperative models in the country. This means that all of our staff and teachers are committed to doing one thing – helping students succeed. Our strength is in building relationships with our students and families. That is why we see students return year after year to continue their studies with us. You can trust VTVLC to work with each student to help them realize their full potential to develop skills with online learning, opening doors to their future of possibilities.

VTVLC will provide coordination, support and management to offer online courses to students at your school.
Support will include: course selections, course catalog development, professional development, enrollment and dissemination of information to a variety of organizations for the purposes of student recruitment, as well as faculty and counselor training and student support.

Certificate in Online Teaching

All Vermont educators facilitating online course work with Vermont students must obtain the 5440-25 Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement.

The holder of an OTS endorsement is authorized to teach students from a distance who are enrolled in online coursework. The endorsement is an add-on endorsement only and is limited to holders of PK-12 teaching endorsements.

If the designated online teacher does not hold the OTS endorsement, they will need to complete a Certificate in Online Teaching program. The Northeast Online Teaching Institute (NEOTI) is a collaborative program between VTVLC and Castelton University to prepare VTVLC faculty for online teaching.

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