Assessment & Proficiency

We believe that student learning is not a one-time event but rather a continuum of learning, understanding, improvement and continued practice.

We believe that providing our students with information about where they currently are on the continuum of learning will help students, parents, and schools, better direct efforts towards future growth.

VTVLC assesses and reports numerical grades in two distinct areas: Current Grade on Completed Work and Pace Grade. These areas are to illustrate two specific facets of the student’s efforts toward gaining proficiency.

Current Grade: The numerical grade for the Current Grade on Completed Work is based on artifacts such as quizzes, discussion forum postings, projects, discussion-based assessments, and collaborative work with other students. The final grade is documented only at the end of the student enrollment and/or when the student has demonstrated proficiency for all of the required standards of the enrollment.

Graded Work = 92%
Pace Grade = 87%
Projected Grade = 80% (87 x .92)

Pace Grade: VTVLC faculty use a Pace Chart to determine the number of assignments and artifacts the student should complete each week in order to finish by the end date of the enrollment. The Pace Grade grade is a percentage of the number of assignments that have been assigned to the student compared to the number of those assignments the student has completed. Missing artifacts from the student result in a lower Pace Grade and may signal that the student is not committing sufficient time to the online coursework.

Projected Grade: During the segment, grades are still fluid and can change if the student makes up work or revises any of the assignments. This fluid grade is the Projected Grade and is calculated by multiplying the Current Grade on Completed Work grade, times the Pace Grade. Because these grades update every night at midnight, students should allow 24-48 hours for system reporting to reflect the most accurate grades. At the end of the course enrollment, a Final Numerical Grade is provided on the student’s VTVLC transcript, as well as given to the home school of the student.

Transferrable Skills

Self-Direction – Enrolled students will be required to submit a Status Report to their teacher on the 1st of each month using the specific format outlined within their course.
These Status Reports will be assessed by the teacher and given a proficiency rating for the student’s ability to exhibit self-direction in their studies.

Communication – Students are required to connect with their teacher either by phone or video call for welcome calls, disuccsion based assessments and a final exit call. Students will be assesed by the teacher and given a proficiency rating for the student’s ability to exhibit communication skills.


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