Credits: 0.5
Term: On Demand

Biology recommended, but not required

Course Description:



Explore the organization of the human body and how it works. Acquire knowledge necessary to understand what the body is doing and how you can help the body cope with many different situations. Body systems will be studied in order to understand how their structure, location, and function allow for interaction with other parts of the body. This version of Anatomy and Physiology is fully compatible with mobile devices. Students can access all course materials, inter-activities, and assessments from their tablet or smart phone.

Topics & Concepts:

Module 4 Transport

  • 04.00 Module Four Transport Pretest
  • 04.01 Cardiovascular System
  • 04.01 Honors—Blood Vessels and Electrocardiogram
  • 04.02 Components of Blood
  • 04.03 Hemostasis, Typing, and Transfusion
  • 04.04 Module Four Discussion-Based Assessment and Exam
  • 04.05 Module Four Transport Collaboration

Module 5 Respiration and Digestion

  • 05.00 Module Five Respiration and Digestion Pretest
  • 05.01 The Respiratory System
  • 05.01 Honors—The Tissues of the Respiratory System
  • 05.02 The Digestive System
  • 05.02 Honors—The Tissues of the Digestive System
  • 05.03 Molecules of Life
  • 05.04 Enzymes
  • 05.05 Module Five Discussion-Based Assessment and Exam
  • 05.06 Module Five Digestion and Respiration Collaboration

Module 6 Regulation and Reproduction

  • 06.00 Module Six Regulation and Reproduction Pretest
  • 06.01 Excretory System
  • 06.01 Honors—Excretory Structures
  • 06.02 Immune System
  • 06.03 Lymph System
  • 06.04 Reproductive System
  • 06.04 Honors—Fertilization to Birth
  • 06.05 Fetal Circulation
  • 06.06 Module Six Discussion-Based Assessment and Exam
  • 06.07 Module Six Regulation and Reproduction Collaboration
  • 06.08 Segment Two Exam


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