Credits: 0.5
Term: Fall 2017, On Demand


Course Description:

Come and join various native speakers of Mandarin Chinese as they give you a lively introduction to the language and its rich culture. Join them in their everyday environment as they take you through different daily scenarios and give you the necessary skills to read, write and speak Chinese. In this course you will learn the basic Chinese language. After one semester, you will be able to engage in conversation in Chinese including greeting people, introducing yourself to others, and exchanging basic information with others. You will be able to count from 1 to 1000, and make simple sentences in both spoken and written Chinese. You will also learn 160 “magical” Chinese characters, and use them on a variety of topics. As you walk through the units with us step by step, you will get to know not only the language itself, but also the culture where the language takes place and keeps developing. At the very beginning, we will start by introducing you to a general knowledge of Pinyin, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese dialects, and Chinese characters.

Topics & Concepts:


  • Greetings
  • Nationalities
  • Numbers 1-1000
  • Family Vocabulary
  • Introductions (names, age, address)
  • Roads and Streets
  • Pets
  • Talking about Friends
  • Telling Time
  • Calendar (Days of the week, months, year)
  • Seasons
  • Holidays and Celebrations


  • Major Cities in China
  • Chinese Names
  • Chinese Families
  • Chinese Zodiac
  • Chinese Festivals


  • Chinese Characters
  • Pinyin
  • Basic Sentence Structure
  • Forming negations
  • Verbs: jiào, yŏu, hái, xing
  • Prepositions

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