Credits: 0.5
Term: Fall 2017, On Demand


Course Description:

Be captivated by the wonders and beauty of the third planet from our Sun, Earth. Be amazed by what awaits your discovery within our solar system and beyond. It is your turn to explore the universe. Earth/Space Science is a laboratory course focusing on the study of space, geologic structures and forces, the waters on our planet, and the atmospheric forces that shape our world. Through experimentation and investigation, students will explore the earth cycles including the geosphere, hydrosphere, crysosphere, atmosphere, and the carbon cycle. Students will learn about scientific inquiry, geologic time, space exploration, the solar system, and the universe. Students will use web 2.0 tools, interactive experiences, higher-order thinking, collaborative projects, and real-world application through labs and a variety of assessments. Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear understanding of the dynamic forces at work in the world around them, becoming better caretakers of our planet, Earth.

Topics & Concepts:

·Beginning with Science

    o Science processes
    o Observations and inferences
    o Historical frame of reference- scientists and explorers
    o Theory vs. law, science vs. pseudoscience
    o Cryosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Geosphere

·Climate and Meteorology

    o Structure of the atmosphere
    o Trends in temperature and atmospheric pressure
    o Factors influencing weather and climate
    o Humidity, air pressure, air masses, temperature, long term conditions
    o Global air circulation and winds, coriolis effect
    o Severe weather formation, influence on human behavior
    o Severe Storms; Lightning (Honors)


    o Water cycle
    o Conservation (Honors)
    o Water Quality
    o Groundwater
    o Surface water

·Rocks and Minerals

    o Properties of minerals
    o Rock cycle
    o Soil and soil formation
    o Rocks and minerals as resources

·The Universe

    o Light waves
    o Space exploration
    o Gravitational forces
    o Stars and Constellations (Honors)


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