Credits: 0.5
Term: On Demand, Spring 2018

English I, English II Segment 1

Course Description:

In English II, students learn how the human experience—real life—is the foundation of the best stories, plays, poems, films, and articles. In each unit of the course, students explore a specific aspect of the human experience such as laughter, obstacles, betrayal, fear, or transformation. Through the study of literature, nonfiction, and life, students explore what it means to be human, what it means to be fulfilled, triumphant, empowered, and transformed. As in life, students have many choices in the English II course. They choose the order in which they complete the units. Students also choose some of the works they read and have countless choices when it comes to demonstrating what they have learned. Whether reading a poem or a novel, writing a story or an analysis, or studying a Shakespearean tragedy or a modern suspense film, students explore what it means to be human, a subject on which they are already experts!

Topics & Concepts:


  • 03.00 Introduction
  • 03.01 Fears, Anxieties, Phobias, Oh My!
  • 03.02 The Reality of Fear
  • 03.03 Nothing to Fear
  • 03.04 Free from Fear
  • 03.05 Fascination with Fear
  • 03.06 No Hyding From Fear
  • 03.07 Surprise!
  • 03.08 Fear In Film
  • 03.09 Project Runaway!
  • 03.10 Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 03.11 Honors: Constructing Meaning
  • 03.12 Honors: Bringing it all Together
  • 03.13 Module Three Exam


  • 04.00 Introduction
  • 04.01 Apostrophes and Homonyms
  • 04.02 Julius Caesar, Act I
  • 04.03 Julius Caesar, Act II
  • 04.04 Julius Caesar, Act III
  • 04.05 Julius Caesar, Acts IV and V
  • 04.06 Argumentative Writing
  • 04.07 Claims and Counterclaims
  • 04.08 Develop Your Position
  • 04.09 Discussion-Based Assessment
  • 04.10 Outline Your Argument
  • 04.11 Write your Argument
  • 04.12 Your Final Draft
  • 04.13 Honors: The Lay of the Were-Wolf
  • 04.14 Module Four Exam
  • 04.15 Segment Two Exam
  • 04.16 Segment Two Honors Exam

Segment Two Collaboration

  • 00.02 Segment Two Collaboration

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