Student must have taken English IV, but not received credit.

Course Description:

This learning recovery course allows students to pretest and identify specific content areas within the course to complete with the support of the teacher. Entire course is offered online and does not require the student to attend the class in person. A two week extension is available for students who may require more flexibility to complete the program. It is the responsibility of the student to determine their school’s acceptance of VTVLC credit for credit recovery. Refunds will only be granted PRIOR to the course start date of 6/28/17.

Topics & Concepts:

Module 1:

Characterization in Macbeth,
Reading strategies,
Plot development and conflict,
Sentence structure,
Word choice,
Narrative writing techniques

Module 2:

Writing style and word choice,
Sentence fluency,
Grammar, punctuation, and use of clauses,
Reading strategies, including Supreme Court Cases and foundational documents,
Research and vetting of sources,
Informational article outline,
Informational writing structure: big ideas to supporting details,
In-text citations,
Thesis statement,
Informational writing techniques

Module 3:

Figurative language,
Figures of speech,
Poetic forms and devices,
Tone and Mood,
Connotation and denotation,
Character development,
Historical context,
Thematic analysis,

Module 4:

Argumentation analysis,
Claim, counterclaim, rebuttal,
Writing to an audience,
Rhetorical appeals— logos, pathos, ethos,
Context Clues,
Research skills,
Visual argumentation,
Gathering supporting evidence,
Argumentation outline,
Argumentation writing techniques

Offerings and courses subject to change. Please refer to the VTVLC Student Information System as the most up-to-date resource of current offerings and required materials for courses.