Course ID: 10160AF16
Credits: 0.5
Term: Fall 2016


Course Description:

Learn to create your own animations, games, and interactive projects using a graphical programming language developed at MIT called Scratch! Game Design with Scratch is a project based class designed to introduce middle school students (Grades 6-8) to programming. You will gain a basic understanding of fundamental programming concepts such as sequential, branching, and repeating controls. Projects include animating a dance party, creating your own orchestra, telling a story with animation, making an interactive maze, programming your own drawing program, and advanced techniques that can be combined to make your own game as a final project. Students completing the class will gain skills in computational thinking, including working with algorithms, thinking abstractly, and breaking down a problem. Through working with Scratch, students will improve technology skills such as file management, working in multiple windows, and managing email. Additionally as this is an online class, students regularly practice checking for understanding, self-advocacy, and persistence. No previous programming skills are required, but students should have basic computer skills including using a web browser, managing files and email.

Topics & Concepts:
Welcome! How to sign in, get to class, send me an email, what to do each day 1.00 Introduction 1.01 What is a Computer 1.02 Smartphones 1.03 Parts of a computer 1.04 Programming Languages 1.05 Introduction to Programming 1.06 Academic Integrity Modul Topic 2 2.00 What is Scratch? 2.01 The Scratch Interface 2.02 First Scratch Program 2.03 Stage 2.04 Sprites 2.05 Scratchy Dance Party Topic 3 3.00 Sounds and Scratchy 3.01 Making Music with Scratch 3.02 Putting things in Order; Parallelism 3.03 Putting it All Together – Mini Dance Party 3.04 Multiple Sprites 3.05 Making an Orchestra Topic 4 4.00 Creating Stories and Plays 4.01 Making Our Own Sprites 4.02 Setting the Scene 4.03 Making Our First Scene 4.04 Scene Changes Through Broadcasting 4.05 Debugging Quiz 4.06 Completed Short Play Topic 5 5.00 Introduction to Games 5.01 Controlling Our Sprite with the Keyboard 5.02 The If Block and Boolean Blocks 5.03 If Touching 5.04 Touching Color 5.05 Algorithms 5.06 Color is Touching Color 5.07 Maze Topic 6 6.00 Get the Picture 6.01 Using the Pen 6.02 Rule of Turns 6.03 Creating Procedures 6.04 Nested Loops 6.05 Move to the Mouse Topic 7 7.00 What are Variables? 7.01 Score Variable 7.03 Random Numbers 7.04 Counting Down the Timer 7.05 Health Variable 7.06 Variables to Keep Track of States Topic 8 One Letter Assignment Final Project Proposal Working – On-Task Presentation

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