Credits: 0.5
Term: On Demand, Spring 2018

German I, German II segment 1

Course Description:

As you look at these sentences, you can see where you are in your language learning, and where you are heading. There is a present tense sentence: Wilkommen zu Deutsch 2 – Welcome to German 2; a past tense sentence: Wir haben viel in Deutsch 1 gelernt – We learned a lot in German 1; and a future sentence: Jetzt werden wir viel mehr Deutsch lernen –Now we will learn a lot more German. You have built a solid foundation for learning the German language. Now you can add to that base with lots of vocabulary and idioms, adjectives, adverbs, comparisons, verb tenses, active and passive structures, conditional and subjunctive sentences. Your simple sentences of German 1 will quickly become the compound and complex sentences which characterize the German language. We will also continue our comparison of German and American culture. There are many aspects of daily life for us to explore. Pictures, videos, and short readings will provide us with authentic material to view German life.

Topics & Concepts:
  • Unit 7: Ich Mache Mich Fertig! / I’m Getting Myself Ready/ In this unit you will learn vocabulary for dressing and undressing yourself, washing up, shaving, and doing your hair and make-up. Reflexive verbs will need to be learned and used to discuss these jobs.You will also learn vocabulary for training and fitness.
  • Unit 8: Ich möchte deutsche Musik hören / I’d Like to Listen to German Music. In this unit you will learn vocabulary for music equipment, instruments, and sound equipment.
  • Unit 9: Der Computer
  • Unit 10:Ich Gehe Einkaufen / I’m Going Shopping
  • Unit 11: Das Wetter/ The Weather
  • Unit 12: Im Urlaub / On Vacation
  • Final Exam

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