Credits: 0.5
Term: On Demand

English I recommended

Course Description:

Vampires, ghosts, and werewolves have lived in our collective imagination since the 18th century, and they continue to influence the world of fiction even today. Gothic Literature: Monster Stories focuses on the major themes found in Gothic literature and demonstrates the techniques writers use to produce a thrilling psychological experience for the reader. The themes of terror versus horror, the power of the supernatural, and the struggle between good and evil are just a few of the classic Gothic subjects explored in this course. Are you brave enough to go beyond the fear and find an appreciation for the dark beauty of Gothic stories.

Topics & Concepts:
  • Unit 1: GOTHICA: When Gruesome is Delicious
  • Unit 2: FRANKENSTEIN: A Monster is Born
  • Unit 3: FRANKENSTEIN: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
  • Unit 4: Jekyll & Hyde: To Thine Ownself Be True
  • Unit 5: Gothic Poetry: Love From Beyond the Grave
  • Unit 6: Dracula: The Blood Is the Life
  • Unit 7: Dracula: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted
  • Unit 8: Edgar Allan Poe: The Monsters in Us

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