Course ID: 08057AU16
Credits: 0.5
Term: Summer 2016 (Summer Semester)


Course Description:

This course is all about you and the important decisions you make.  It’s also about having the correct information before making those decisions.  We’ll deal with real issues like nutrition, substance abuse, coping with stress, and sexual abstinence. Good health is both mental and physical.  Making good decisions starts with knowing the facts, understanding the consequences, and having the confidence to choose well.  A series of signposts will take you through the course providing information, direction, and a little encouragement.  We’ll also offer some important tools for communicating your feelings and opinions.  We’ll even talk about being a savvy consumer in a world of advertising, credit cards, and focus on earth friendly practices that will help the environment. This is a course comes with a long-term payoff.  The good decisions you make now will set a positive direction you can follow for a lifetime. This course requires a CPR certification course. If cost of the class or schedule is an issue, you may choose the alternative CPR assignment.

Topics & Concepts:
Module 1: Construction Site
  • 1.0 Welcome to Life Management Skills
  • 1.1 Constructing Positive Self-esteem
  • 1.2 Building Strong Families
  • 1.3 Exploring Pathways to Parenting Skills
  • 1.4 Building Strong Communities
  • 1.5 Constructing Your Health Decisions
Module 2: The Crosswalk
  • 2.0 Take the Crosswalk to Good Nutrition
  • 2.1 Take the Crosswalk to Healthy Food Choices
  • 2.2 Take the Crosswalk to Better Nutrition
  • 2.3 Take the Crosswalk Away from Eating Disorders
  • 2.4 Understanding Food Labels
  • 2.5 Take the Crosswalk to Food Safety
  • 2.6 Unit I Discussion-Based Assessment
Module 3: Two-Way Street
  • 3.0 Communication is a Two-Way Street
  • 3.1 Detour for Effective Verbal Communication
  • 3.2 Stop, Look & Listen
  • 3.3 Road Blocks to Two Way Communication
  • 3.4 The Communication Zone
  • 3.5 Family Communication Patterns
  • 3.6 Conflict Resolution
Module 4: Warning: Dangerous Chemicals
  • 4.0 Warning: Dangerous Chemicals
  • 4.1 Warning: Look Beyond the Smoke Screen
  • 4.2 Warning: Alcohol Can Be Very Dangerous
  • 4.3 Caution: Inhalants are Dangerous Chemicals
  • 4.4 Unit II Discussion-Based Assessment
Module 5: Points of Interest
  • 5.0 Points of Interest
  • 5.1 Points of Interest: Refusal Skills
  • 5.2 Points of Interest: Stress Management
  • 5.3 Points of Interest: Time Management
  • 5.4 Points of Interest: Values, A Crossroad in Life
  • 5.5 Points of Interest: Goal Setting
  • 5.6 Points of Interest: Decision Making Skills
  • 5.7 Points of Interest: Suicide Prevention
Module 6: Turn Right For Consumer Savvy
  • 6.0 Turn Right for Consumer Savvy
  • 6.1 Advertising the Right Turns
  • 6.2 Consumers Turn Right
  • 6.3 Right Turn for Credit Card Savvy
  • 6.4 Take a Right Turn for Checking Savvy
  • 6.5 Stay Right for Recycling
  • 6.6 Unit III Discussion-Based Assessment
Module 7: Mixed Messages
  • 7.0 Mixed Directions
  • 7.1 Get the Facts: Female Reproductive System
  • 7.2 BSE: Female Students Only
  • 7.3 Get the Facts: Male Reproductive System
  • 7.4 TSE: Male Students Only
  • 7.5 Teen Pregnancy: A Mistaken Turn
Module 8: The Safe Way is the Best Way
  • 8.0 Stop: Choose Wellness and Safety
  • 8.1 Stop: Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • 8.2 Stop: HIV
  • 8.3 Go: Get the Facts
Module 9: The Passing Zone
  • 9.0 The Passing Zone
  • 9.1 CPR
  • 9.2 Final Exam Review

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