Credits: 0.5
Term: Fall 2017

Prior music experience

Course Description:

Are you a composer? Want to be one? In this class, you will. With or without experience, you’ll find lessons to take you to the next level of understanding music and putting it together. By first breaking it down, you’ll learn how to build a piece by combining melody, rhythm and other musical elements to express your message, with or without lyrics. Go beyond GarageBand and learn how composers extend musical ideas to create entire songs, soundtracks or symphonies. With step by step instructions, you’ll be writing two or three musical sketches each week. As a bonus, dual enrollment students will get to study the techniques we learn in their historic context (want to write like Mozart?) For students who have taken Sonic Sandbox, this course is a great opportunity to take the sounds you made out for a spin. Sign up and get composing!

Topics & Concepts:

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