Credits: 0.5
Term: Fall 2017, On Demand, Spring 2018


Course Description:

By taking this course you will feel the difference, both physically and mentally. You will start by assessing your current physical condition. You will keep a workout log to measure your progress. In addition, you will have a great personal trainer (your teacher) who will help you set realistic goals and reach your personal health-related objectives. As you travel through the virtual town of Wellville, you will learn about exercise, conditioning, diet and nutrition, and managing stress. You and your trainer will develop a fitness program tailored to your individual needs. As you make progress, you will feel your energy level increase. By the end of the course, you will have developed the kind of healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The best way to live a healthy life is to prevent health problems before they occur. This course will help you do that. And the best time to start is right now.

Topics & Concepts:
Module 1: Welcome Center

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Wellville Information Bureau
  • Wellville City Limits
  • Wellville Locals
  • How Fit Are You?
  • Flexibility Training Principles
  • Bend and Stretch
  • Stretching Safely
  • Flexibility Workout Log
  • Check Out
Module 5: Wellville Gym

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Muscular Fitness Training
  • Safety Precautions
  • Your Muscular Fitness Program
  • Principles of Muscular Fitness
  • Muscular Fitness Workout Log
  • Check Out
Module 2: Rec Center

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Welcome to the Rec Center
  • Health Risk Factors
  • Health vs. Skill Related Exercise
  • Warm Up/Cool Down
  • Common Injuries
  • Check Out
Module 6: Wellville Cafe

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Food and Its Relationship to Health
  • Evaluate Your Personal Menu
  • Food Labels and You
  • Wellville Water
  • Check Out
Module 3: Teen Center

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Stress – A Fact of Life
  • Stress and Coping Strategies
  • Manage Your Stress
  • Goal Setting
  • You’re on Your Way
  • Check Out
Module 7: Body Shop

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • How Are You Built?
  • What’s Inside Your Skin?
  • Input, Output and Calories
  • Weight: Keeping it Under Control
  • Eating and Weight Issues
  • Check Out
Module 4: Health Club

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Monitoring the Heart
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • What is Cardiovascular Activity?
  • Principles of Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Cardiovascular Workout Log
  • Check Out
Module 8: Medical Center

  • Tracking Your Stay
  • Final Fitness Test
  • Varying Activities
  • Final Workout Logs
  • Final Exam

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