Course ID: 05119AS17
Credits: 0.5
Term: Spring 2017

Prior music experience

Course Description:

Can you listen like a musician? Do you notice sounds around you? Wanna make some noise? In this course, we do. As in the tech world where a “sandbox” is a place to try out new code or approaches, our sandbox is place to experiment with sound: imagine it; build it; apply a bucket of water and start something new. This is what you’ll do (virtually!), using free cloud-based and downloadable software. You’ll create and modify synthesizer sounds; imitate natural instruments and invent your own; try your hand at Foley art (movie sounds); sample and trick out sounds from your backyard or basement; put together a killer drum kit; add interactive sound to an actual video game; and create the perfect pad for lounging by the beach. Then you’ll pack one or more of your sonic constructions into a final sound sculpture, music track or interactive environment. As you do, you’ll learn what sound is, what makes it musically interesting and what keeps it fresh. Water not included.

Topics & Concepts:
Coming Soon!

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