Flex Programs

VTVLC offers a variety of flexible programs that allow for students to work at an individualized pace and to create their own courses, allowing for differentiated learning.

On Demand

Open, Rolling Enrollment

Are you looking for a course that has a personalized pace, offers flexible start and end dates and is also facilitated by one of our Vermont licensed teachers? On Demand may be the enrollment option for you!

Who benefits from On Demand?

  • Student who want to move through a course at a faster or slower pace
  • Self-directed learners
  • Students who need to start courses at non-traditional times
  • Students who want to take classes that include the summer months

Learn more about On-Demand

PASS (Personalized Assessment of Student Standards)

Independent Study

Do you want to create your own course…AND get high school credit for it?! Now you can!

VTVLC is offering a new program called PASS which stands for Personalized Assessment of Student Standards. You’ll team up with a VTVLC teacher to create a self-designed program that can be project or research-based. We’ll work with your school to ensure you receive graduation credit, and support you through the project!

Learn more about PASS

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