Full Time 7-8

Full-Time Middle School Option

VTVLC is part of the Vermont public education system and is supporting school districts across the state with the same learning systems we have used in our online courses for the last eleven years with over 10,000 students. Learning online requires a variety of supports that VTVLC has in place for student success.


This Full-Time Enrollment option will need to be approved by the student’s local school.

Registration Info

7th and 8th grade students will enroll in all Core Subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) and learn from certified Vermont Educators who also hold the Online Teaching Specialist Endorsement (OTS). Electives are available for a complete program. Schools continue to provide devices, meals and counseling.

Content specific synchronous sessions will be offered Monday-Friday 3:00-6:00 pm

Students will receive additional support from the VTVLC Student Support Staff, who will monitor their weekly progress. VTVLC coursework is licensed and specifically designed for students to learn online. Each teacher will have “online office hours” so students can reach out and receive additional help when needed. These sessions will be “synchronous”, meaning they will be meeting either via Zoom or Google Meets. In addition, much of the work which is being done online can be done “asynchronously”, meaning at time that is convenient for both the student and family if support is needed from home. Assignments will be based on weekly work, and not daily, ensuring that a more flexible learning environment can be adapted to each student.

Middle school courses help support students develop self-direction and improve their communication skills.
Assessments include; pre-assessments, discussion forums, discussion-based assessments, collaboration activities, and written assessments.
Re-assessments are offered with teacher feedback helps build student proficiency.


  • No Snow Days
  • Flexible Holidays / Vacations
  • Weekly Work Schedules
  • No Inservice Days
  • No Local coordinator required
  • No Local teacher required
  • VTVLC supplies a Special Ed Consultant to work with your local Special Education Team


  • Teaching Partner Schools can use their earned partner seats. Otherwise, the cost is $1,200 per student per semester (covers both fall/spring and on-demand options).
  • Non-Teaching Partner Districts – $2500 per student per semester (all enrollment fees are covered)
  • Homestudy Rate – $3000 per student per semester (sibling discounts available) 

Enrollment Dates

Start Date: September 7, 2021
End Date: June 3, 2022

Amount of Time:

3-5 hours per core course
1hour per specials course

Number of Assignments:

2-4 per core course
1 per specials course

Learning Activites:
Computer Based

Attending class time, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games, listening to audio clips, watching videos
Learning Activities:

Handwritten worksheets, coloring/matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments
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