Full Time Options

VTVLC is excited to offer full-time options for students in grades K-12.

Virtual Learning as a Flexible Pathway is an opportunity for families on a case-by-case basis that can be addressed through a student’s Personalized Learning Plan (PLP). This option requires planning between the family, school, and VTVLC. 

Programs vary slightly based on grade level and for students who live in a town with a non-operating school. VTVLC partners with many schools in the state. If the student currently attends a school, the first step should be to inquire with the local school regarding enrollment with VTVLC. If the student lives in a town with a non-operating school, the first step should be to contact VTVLC.

For more information, please select a link below based on grade level.

FAQ’s for Parents

Can my child remain a full-time online student for the 2022-2023 school year?
This question should be asked of your child’s local school counselor or administrator first. VTVLC has provided a pathway for a full-time online option to all public education schools. Each school determines the process by which this may/may not happen. VTVLC cannot override a local school decision to allow the student to access full-time online pathways

Is the VTVLC program open to ALL students?
The full-time online program is robust and aligned to the best online teaching and learning practices. Our focus will be on providing access to specific students/families with a demonstrated success and/or specific need for the family/student. If this is the first time you are considering a full-time online program for your child, we encourage you to review the “Considerations For Student Participation in a Flexible Pathway Information.”

If my child enrolls with VTVLC through my school, will it be the same as this past school year?
Yes, with some minor changes in scheduling, the school year will look very similar to the 2021-2022 school year. More than likely, your child’s online teacher will not be from your local school; however, the teacher holds a Vermont license and the Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) endorsement. VTVLC will be using the same curriculum. Your local school will still provide counseling services, technology devices, and special education services/support if required.

If my local school does not allow my child to access a full-time online program next year, can my child access VTVLC as a Home Study student?
Yes, there are a variety of considerations in doing this, including potential costs. You should carefully review these considerations and seek more information on the Vermont Agency of Education website for Home Study.

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