Parent Facilitated eCurriculum

How eCurriculum Hosting Works

Accounts are created for you and your child. With you in the role as teacher, you will be able to manage, edit, grade and analyze the data generated in the courses. VTVLC hosts your eCurriculum on their Virtual Campus to create a Hybrid Classroom that is available 24/7.

Home study student enrolls in VTVLC Honors Physics online with a VTVLC teacher and cost is covered by his/her local school. Student also enrolls in English III, Algebra II, and American History eCurriculum subscription by VTVLC. These three courses are facilitated by the student’s parent. Total cost is $705. Three courses (6 course segments) of eCurriculum subscription @ $117.50 each and Physics is covered by the local school.


  • Replaces work­books, text­books, assess­ments and assign­ments with online, com­pre­hen­sive cur­ricu­lum materials
  • Reg­is­ter for courses with open, rolling enroll­ment 365 days a year
  • Have the flex­i­bil­ity to set your own pace and sched­ule for every course
  • Have the option to take as many or as few courses as you wish
  • Includes imple­men­ta­tion and tech­ni­cal sup­port from VTVLC

Watch a course tour of Economics!

My son seemed to really enjoy the class and as parents we were very happy with it.  We will definitely express to all what a good experience it was.


Subscription Fee Schedule

# of Course Segments Total Cost Cost per Course Segment
1 Segment $155.00 $155.00
2 Segments $310.00 $155.00
3 Segments $405.00 $135.00
4 Segments $510.00 $127.50
5 Segments $600.00 $120.00
6 Segments $705.00 $117.50
7 Segments $805.00 $115.00
8 Segments $900.00 $112.50
9 Segments $975.00 $108.33
10 Segments $1,075.00 $107.50
11 Segments $1,155.00 $105.00
12 Segments $1,230.00 $102.50