K-8 Registration

K-8 Registration for Full Time Enrollment

Registration is a 2-step process.

Step 1: Create an Account

IMPORTANT! For students under the age of 13, a parent or guardian must complete the student profile/account creation. Students will need their own email address in order to create a separate student and parent account. For K-6 students, the student email address can be non-functional and generated from the student’s school.

  • Visit https://vtvlc.maestrosis.com
  • Click ‘Apply Now’
  • Complete the initial intake form
  • Login to the account with the credentials that were provided
  • Complete ‘Profile Settings’

Step 2: Request a Course

NOTE: K-6 grade content courses will be loaded by VTVLC. All you need to request is the Full Time Grade level for the student. Once the course selection has been made, the request will be sent to the student’s school for approval. A representative from VTVLC will be in touch once the school has approved the full time option.

  • Login with the student credentials at https://vtvlc.maestrosis.com
  • Select ‘Academic Info’ > ‘Request a Course’
  • Search for ‘Full Time’ as the course name
  • Choose appropriate grade level
  • Complete required fields

Create an Account Guide

Grades K-6 Questions and Support:
Jennifer Hindes, K-6 Dean of Students
jhindes(at)vtvlc.org | 802-591-0363

Lucey Gagner, K-6 Liason
lgagner(at)vtvlc.org | 802-591-0248

Request a Course Guide (Grades K-6)

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