Hi Everyone,
This is a test of our blog that we will use in Bermuda to share our experiences through prose, photos, and video.
Our class days are coming up (June 24 & 25).  You should be at U-32 in Rm. 211 by 8:30.  The mornings will be academic,learning the skills we will need to succeed in Bermuda.  Make sure you bring your 2 books and something to write with. In the afternoon, weather permitting, we will go out to Mirror Lake (#10 Pond) in Calais to practice snorkeling and making sure all equipment is working properly (see photos below).  I need parental help in the afternoon to help drive and be another adult in case of emergency. I can drive 3 people beside myself.  Students may drive themselves, but can’t drive other students.  For the afternoon you will need fins, mask,snorkel,and dive skin.
Also, bring lunch snacks and water/ juice.
Be prepared to carry equipment home such as more books, UW lights, UW cameras, etc.
We should be ready to leave Mirror lake by 3.
I am getting very excited.  I hope you are also.
Take care,
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