Non-Partner Schools

VTVLC online courses are available to ALL Vermont students. Students may enroll in VTVLC courses regardless of where they reside, or what school they usually attend. The question that is most often asked is, “who covers the cost”?

If you are a Vermont educator or administrator and would like to learn more about getting involved with VTVLC, visit the Partner with VTVLC page.

1.) Ask for Support
Request that the school cover the cost of the course.

Most schools support their students to enroll in VTVLC courses at no cost to the student. These schools are either “Partner Schools” (meaning that they have a teacher that offers an online course as part of their regular teaching assignment) or a “Participating School” meaning that they cover the cost for their students to enroll as approved by the school counselor.

2.) Pay Out of Pocket
If your school is not willing to support the cost of enrollment for VTVLC courses, the parent or student has the option to pay out of pocket for VTVLC courses.

Please verify course selections with your local school to be sure they will accept the course credit. Course syllabi and standards are available for your school. We are also happy to supply any additional information your school may request.

To pay out of pocket, once the course is approved by the school counselor,  you will be able to login to your online portal to make a payment.

3.) Ask Your School to Join!
VTVLC supports any Vermont school to become a “Partner School” and offer online courses to students. In return for offering an online course, the school receives free seats for their students in any of the dozens of courses that are offered by other schools in the partnership. These schools receive priority applications and are fully supported by VTVLC.

These benefits include:

  • Greater AVAILABILITY of courses not offered locally
  • Greater ACCESSIBILITY to courses where scheduling conflicts exist
  • Greater FLEXIBILITY for students to take courses at times that increase their success
  • VTVLC offers hundreds of online courses including NCAA approved core academics, Common Core aligned curriculum, learning recovery, electives, world languages, honors, Advanced Placement courses and Professional Development.

The online aspect has given me the flexibility that supports my busy schedule while still allowing me to keep up and excel in my academics.  I can’t imagine not being part of such an unbelievable program.


VTVLC Student

A note about the importance of VTVLC Online Courses
With the advent of Act 77, the Vermont Agency of Education has defined “courses” to mean ALL courses, whether virtual or face to face. Act 77 clearly defines virtual and blended learning as additional opportunities for all students:

“(3) to create opportunities for secondary students to pursue flexible pathways to graduation that: (A) increase aspiration and encourage post secondary continuation of training and education;

(B) are an integral component of a student’s personalized learning plan; and

(C) include:

(i) applied or work-based learning opportunities, including career and technical education and internships;

(ii) virtual learning and blended learning”

In a memorandum from the Vermont Agency of Education dated April 2014, VTVLC courses were identified as serving to expand flexible pathways and included as part of the provisions available to home study students under Act 119. In addition, because VTVLC, or any other online learning opportunity, is considered an extension of the school curriculum opportunities, it is considered to be operating within that district of residence.

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