Parent & Counselor Observer Role in Canvas

What can you do with your observer account?

  • View detailed grade information and teacher feedback – you see what the student sees!
  • Assignment due dates, points earned and total points for assessments
  • Read Announcements
  • Discussions your students are involved in
  • Detailed Course Syllabus – course description, expectations, grading policies and assignment due dates all in one place

Viewing Grades in Canvas

Viewing Course Lessons in Canvas

Don’t forget Canvas has a parent app!

Do you want to dive a bit deeper into your child’s grades and activity?

The Canvas Observer Account is the way to go!  An analogy we use often that helps folks understand the difference between Maestro (Student Information System) and Canvas (Learning Management System) is that Maestro is like the administration offices of a school where records are kept, grades are submitted, and more; while Canvas is like that of the physical classroom where learning takes place, assessments are submitted and course collaboration takes place.  So, having a Canvas Observer Account would allow you to observe your child directly in their classroom.

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