A family’s stay in India for a semester frames a student’s work in Literature of Place.

“We will read a variety of authors and literature ranging from the prose of Kamal Markandaya, the travel narratives of Peter Matthiessen and the political letters of Mahatma Gandhi to essays, short stories, novels, and poems. Investigations into current events, art, history, film, ethnography, geography, photography, religion, and ecology will complement our study of place.”



Course Objectives and Learning Goals

  • To experience a range of literary works connected with Nepal and India
  • To produce a body of original writing, critical and creative in nature, that furthers intellectual and personal goals.
  • To experience Nepal and India from multiple perspectives of scale, discipline, history, physical being, and social dimension (this includes trips to meaningful sites in Nepal and India connected to the course material).
  • To explore expertise from other disciplines through independent research and direct experience.
  • To foster the skills and knowledge derived from a regular practice of attention, both to self and subject.
  • To provide a forum for the expression of idea (this includes sharing learning in multiple ways).