VTVLC stu­dents and employ­ees shall use all equip­ment and pro­grams for the intended edu­ca­tional pur­pose. VTVLC is com­mit­ted to pro­tect­ing its stu­dents and employ­ees from bul­ly­ing, harass­ment or inap­pro­pri­ate uses of VTVLC com­put­ers or pro­grams to par­tic­i­pate in bul­ly­ing behav­ior. Bul­ly­ing and harass­ment will not be tol­er­ated and shall be just cause for dis­ci­pli­nary action.

Con­duct that con­sti­tutes bul­ly­ing or harass­ment, as defined herein, is pro­hib­ited.

Bul­ly­ing, harass­ment, and cyber­-stalk­ing are defined as inflict­ing phys­i­cal or psy­cho­log­i­cal distress, and/or communicating words, images or lan­guage using elec­tronic mail that causes emo­tional dis­tress and for which there is no legit­i­mate pur­pose.

Any action by a stu­dent, par­ent or employee deemed inap­pro­pri­ate will be fully inves­ti­gated by the appro­pri­ate school admin­is­tra­tor.

Con­se­quences for stu­dents for actions that vio­late the pol­icy on bul­ly­ing and harass­ment shall be deter­mined by the admin­is­tra­tive staff of VTVLC and may include:

  • Student/​teacher/​parent conference
  • Sus­pen­sion of email privileges
  • Iso­la­tion of stu­dent in a sep­a­rate shell where there is no access to other students
  • Removal from access to VTVLC courses

Con­se­quences for employ­ees for actions that vio­late school pol­icy on bul­ly­ing and harass­ment shall be deter­mined by the direc­tor and/​or the super­in­ten­dent. The con­se­quences may include: ver­bal or writ­ten rep­ri­mand or ter­mi­na­tion of employment.