VTVLC Activity & Participation Policy (Traditional Enrollments)

Only through con­tin­u­ous com­mu­ni­ca­tion, activity and participation can stu­dents be suc­cess­ful in an online course. This activity is equivalent to attendance and participation in a traditional classroom environment. Within each course the instruc­tor out­lines the weekly min­i­mum work require­ments and students will abide by the fol­low­ing VTVLC policies:

  1. 7 Day Activity: If a student does not actively participate in his/her course during a seven (7) day period, the teacher will notify via email the student, counselor, parent and VTVLC Dean of Students. Active participation is indicated by the stu­dent sub­mitting the expected num­ber of assignment(s) as indicated by the specific course calendar or pace chart.
  2. 14 Day Activity: If after an additional 7 days, the student still has not actively participated in his/her course, the teacher will notify via email the student, counselor, parent and VTVLC Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will then initiate phone call(s) to determine the problem. These communications will clearly indicate that the student may be withdrawn from the course within a 7 day period from this communication if the student remains inactive.
  3. 21 Day Activity: If the student still remains inactive in the course, the teacher will again email the student, counselor, parent, VTVLC Dean of Students and also the VTVLC Director indicating that the course withdrawal process has begun. The Dean of Students and Director will make the final determination regarding the course withdrawal.
  4. An offi­cial final grade report will be entered for the stu­dent and sent to his/her school upon com­ple­tion of the course and the return of the course mate­ri­als to VTVLC.

VTVLC Activity & Participation Policy (On Demand Enrollments)

  • Students must progress through the course and have consistent communication with their teacher.
  • Students must complete Status Reports on the 1st and 15th of every month they are enrolled to remain eligible.
  • Students may change their pacing during their enrollment, but must complete all requirements before their course end date.
  • Students who do not complete all requirements by the enrollment end date will need to pay for an 8-week extension to complete their coursework.
  • Students that do not meet pacing or activity requirements for a period of more than four weeks may be removed from the program due to non-participation.

Drop Policy (Traditional Enrollments Only)

Dur­ing the course request process, the stu­dent agrees to the fol­low­ing:

I acknowl­edge that dur­ing the first 28 days of being acti­vated into my VTVLC course, I may drop the course with­out penalty. Upon drop­ping a course after the first 28 days, a grade of WF will be issued. I under­stand that for each online course there are a min­i­mum num­ber of assign­ments that must be com­pleted each week. Fail­ure to sub­mit the min­i­mum num­ber of assign­ments on a weekly basis may result in my removal from the course and may result in a fail­ing grade being assigned to my aca­d­e­mic tran­script.

Dis­claimer: Local district/local school drop poli­cies super­sede VTVLC’s drop pol­icy. It is the respon­si­bil­ity of the student/parents to be informed of their local school dis­trict policies.

VTVLC Refund Policy

Refund eligibility depends on the type of enrollment. Please call our main office if you have questions regarding this refund policy.

  • Traditional enrollment (Fall, Spring or Year Round courses) – Student must drop within the 28 day drop period in order to qualify for a refund
  • On Demand enrollment (Open-Rolling courses) – 75% refund once payment is made but before start of course. 50% refund between start date and 10 days. No refund will be granted after 10 days.
  • No refunds for parent facilitated, home study, course leasing or learning recovery after the first day of class