2018-2019 Pricing

Traditional Enrollment

Traditional enrollment has fixed start and end dates similar to a traditional school calendar with access to the complete course catalog.  The majority of VTVLC students follow the traditional enrollment option.  Students usually choose this option because it is free to our partner school students and fits within the student’s regular school schedule.  All courses are taught by VT licensed educators.

Semesters include year round, fall, spring.


On Demand Enrollment

On Demand enrollment has flexible start and end dates allowing for a personalized pace to access an abbreviated catalog.  Please refer to our list of available On Demand courses.  All courses are taught by VT licensed educators.

Open rolling enrollment

Summer Learning Recovery Enrollment

Learning Recovery enrollment is for students who have taken a course previously, but have not received credit. This program works best for students who need to make up credits to graduate on schedule, have other commitments and need flexible scheduling, or could benefit from a different learning environment.  Learning Recovery is an eight week session during the summer months.  All courses are facilitated by VT licensed educators.