On Demand Enrollment

Ready to Register? Students must first Create an Account in VTVLC’s Student Information System, Maestro. Once the profile settings are complete in the student account, the Course Request can be submitted. For detailed instructions on creating an account or requesting a course, please visit our How To Register page.

How to pay for On Demand courses

1.) Ask for Support

Request that the school cover the cost of the course.

In unique situations, schools may support their students to enroll in VTVLC On Demand courses at no cost to the student as approved by the school counselor.

Requests for covering the cost of enrollment can be submitted to your local school using the Authorization and Enrollment Fee Form, or by having the VTVLC Coordinator at the school approve the application through their portal online.

2.) Pay Out of Pocket

If your school is not willing to support the cost of enrollment for VTVLC On Demand courses, the parent or student has the option to pay out of pocket.

Please verify course selections with your local school to be sure they will accept the course credit.  We supply a full syllabus in our course catalog, but are happy to supply any additional information your school may request.

To pay out of pocket, you will simply login to your online portal to submit payment once the course request has been approved by the VTVLC Coordinator at the local school.  Students are not enrolled until payment is received by VTVLC. Enrollments are on a space available, first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: If you attend a partner school, you are eligible to enroll in the traditional enrollment option at no cost as approved by your school counselor.  Traditional enrollment has fixed start and end dates similar to a traditional school calendar with access to the complete course catalog.

VTVLC is very excited to announce a new way of supporting students who want an even more flexible online program. In response to an increasing number of requests for mid-quarter and semester applications, we have developed the VTVLC On Demand Enrollment program. This program provides an opportunity for students to enroll in courses with flexible start and end dates. Learn more.