Traditional Enrollment Registration


Traditional enrollment has fixed start and end dates similar to a traditional school calendar with access to the complete course catalog.  

The majority of VTVLC students follow the traditional enrollment option.  Students usually choose this option because it is free to our partner school students and fits within the student’s regular school schedule.  Most non-partner schools cover the enrollment fee(s) for the student, as approved by the school counselor.  Our courses are taught by Vermont licensed educators.

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Create an Account

Creating an account and requesting courses is a two-step process.  It involves creating an account and requesting courses.

It is important that the student is the individual who completes the registration process and the contact information provided is that of the student. Parent information will be gathered as a part of registration, but should not be used as the primary contact for the student. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Create an Account’
  3. Complete form.
  4. Click the ‘Complete Profile Settings’ link to complete your profile.
  5. You must log out and back in before you can request a course.

How to Create an Account Solution Article

This article provides detailed, step-by-step instructions with graphics on how to create an account in the student information system.

Create an Account Button


Request a Course

  1. Log into the VTVLC Student Information System
  2. Click the Request a Course link in the ‘Academic info’ section on the left
  3. Click the green checkmark next to the course you’d like to request
  4. A window will appear asking you to choose your section.  If honors credit available, then you will indicate that by selecting either the honors or standard section accordingly.  If honors credit is not an option, then only one section will display.  Complete the highlighted fields above and click ‘Select’ icon.  Then click Add button below.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message that your course request was submitted.
  6. You can repeat steps 3-4 for any additional course requests.
  7. Once you have made all your course selections, that’s it! Your course requests will be sent to your school for final approval.
  8. You will receive an email confirmation once you have been enrolled. (If payment is due, you will receive a request for payment via email.)

How to Request a Course Solution Article

This article provides detailed, step-by-step instructions with graphics on how to request a course in the student information system.

Request a Course Button

To request a course, you need to be logged into your account.