To Go Setup


This comprehensive list provides an overview of expanded services and supports provided by VTVLC to Vermont public schools at no cost. For more detailed information, you may review the information located on the Vermont Agency of Education’s website.

Step 1

  • All staff & faculty participating in VTVLC To-Go should complete “Transition to Online: Up and Running
  • All administrators & faculty participating in VTVLC To-Go should complete “Online Teaching Best Practices”
    Option A – Non-Facilitated
    Option B – F
    acilitated: Administrators pre-register requests

Step 2

Respond to VT Agency of Education Request for VTVLC Support

Step 3

  • Administrator(s) complete VTVLC Roster for teacher/student rostering to pre-load your Canvas instance. (This is required if you will be requesting to use the VTVLC learning ecosystem and course content. The ‘Teachers’ tab is the first roster to be completed. Student rosters can be submitted at a later date).

Email Greg Young once you have uploaded the completed rosters to your secure data folder at AOE (

Step 4

Step 5

VTVLC will contact you to complete the teacher and course request assignments via email. If teachers would like to use Canvas, but not the available curriculum, blank shells can be provided. 

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact:

Jess DeCarolis, AOE

Jeff Renard, Director/Principal, VTVLC


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