VTVLC is very excited to announce a new way of supporting students who want an even more flexible online program. In response to an increasing number of requests for mid-quarter and semester applications, we have developed the VTVLC On Demand Enrollment program. This program provides an opportunity for students to enroll in courses with flexible start and end dates.

Our traditional enrollment options provide for a 10 day add, 28 day drop period. This allows students and schools a familiar way to enroll in fall, spring and year-round courses. We know that most students create a graduation plan and are able to be consistent with their intended courses. However, we also know that students sometimes need to have a more personalized option.

As a result, students can now apply for courses in a more flexible “on demand” format. This means that the traditional school year terms are no longer a limiting factor to students whose needs change throughout the year. Now, if a student has a need to take a physics class that begins in November, they can apply for a VTVLC On Demand Enrollment that custom tailors the start time and length of a course to their specific needs.

Using our personalized pace chart, students will be able to select a start and end date for their On Demand Enrollment. Students have access to an abbreviated catalog, but offerings will continue to grow as the program grows. VTVLC works directly with faculty to support each student. The same great faculty that schools have come to know as dedicated to student achievement facilitate these courses as an independent study format.

Visit On Demand Enrollment page for more details.