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Connecting Vermont’s Learning Community

The Ver­mont Vir­tual Learn­ing Coop­er­a­tive connects students with Ver­mont schools.  Our goal is to over­come the three most com­mon bar­ri­ers that pre­vent stu­dents from tak­ing the courses they want or need in schools. These bar­ri­ers are avail­abil­ity of courses, acces­si­bil­ity to courses and the flex­i­bil­ity of your edu­ca­tion. For exam­ple, are you inter­ested in tak­ing a course that is not avail­able at your school? VTVLC finds the course you want to take from another Ver­mont school that offers that course online. Is there a course that you want to take at your school that you can­not access because you are required to take a dif­fer­ent class dur­ing the same sched­ule time? VTVLC works with your school to give you access to the courses you want dur­ing a time that works for you by offer­ing the course online. All courses offered by VTVLC online are acces­si­ble from any­where, any­time. Whether you learn best at 1 am or 1 pm, at school or at home, your online courses are only a click away.  Learn more!

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On Demand registration is open!
Registration for the 2018-2019 school year begins on April 15th.





Collaborative Diploma Program

The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC) is excited to announce the availability of the new Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP) offered as a flexible pathway toward graduation. This new program allows students in tuition towns the option of earning their high school diploma from a geographically distant Vermont public high school. Learn more!




Summer Programs

VTVLC offers a summer learning recovery program during the summer months, as well as On Demand. Registration for learning recovery opens May 7th.



Course Catalog

Currently, our course catalog has over 100 course options that include traditional enrollment (academic calendar year), on demand enrollment (open-rolling registration) and summer learning recovery. Check out our course offerings!



On Demand Enrollment

Are you looking for a course that has a personalized pace, offers flexible start and end dates, and is also facilitated by one of our Vermont licensed teachers? On Demand may be the enrollment option for you!




How Does VTVLC Work?

The Ver­mont Vir­tual Learn­ing Coop­er­a­tive works with Ver­mont schools to facil­i­tate online courses for stu­dents statewide. All of our courses are facilitated by Ver­mont licensed edu­ca­tors. Find out more!


Homestudy Parents

VTVLC offers a variety of options for home study families for online coursework. You can ‘mix and match’ different types of enrollment to meet the specific needs of your family. Check out our home study options!

Study Abroad with VTVLC!

VTVLC goes to Honduras!

“Our week in Bermuda at BIOS was easily the coolest thing I have ever done. I knew when I signed up for the class that I was in for an adventure, but I had no idea what an incredible experience I would take away from this.” – Erika (2015 Trip Participant)



Our strength is in building relationships with our students and families. That is why we see students return year after year to continue their studies with us. You can trust VTVLC to work with each student and help them realize their full potential to develop skills with online learning, opening doors to their future of possibilities.


Evan has been very happy with these courses, the mode of learning, and the help and enthusiasm of the teachers.
All of the instructors at VTVLC have been very helpful throughout the course. They have provided him with great feedback, and all have immediately responded whenever he’s had any questions.”
Peter K., Burlington

Parent of a VTVLC Student