Tutoring Services at VTVLC

Need extra help outside of the classroom? VTVLC offers virtual tutoring services to enhance student success.

Tutoring Options

Student Expectations for Tutoring

Be Prepared: Have all necessary materials and assignments ready before the session begins.

Punctuality: Log in to the online tutoring platform on time to maximize the session’s effectiveness.

Technical Requirements: Ensure a stable internet connection. Have access to your VTVLC course.

Active Participation: Engage actively in the session by asking questions, sharing concerns, and contributing to discussions.

Focus and Minimize Distractions: Choose a quiet and well-lit space for the session, minimizing distractions to enhance focus and learning.

Open Communication: Communicate openly with the tutor about areas of difficulty, questions, or any specific topics the student wants to cover.

Set Goals: Work with the tutor to set clear learning goals for the session and monitor progress toward those goals.

Ask for Clarification: Don’t hesitate to ask the tutor for clarification on unclear concepts or explanations.

Take Notes: Take notes during the session to reinforce learning and refer back to them when needed.

Respectful Behavior: Treat the tutor with respect, be courteous, and follow any guidelines or rules set for the online tutoring environment.

Feedback: Provide constructive feedback to the tutor to help improve the tutoring experience.

Attendance: Attend scheduled sessions regularly and notify the tutor 24 hours in advance if there’s a need to reschedule or cancel.

Responsibility for Learning: Take ownership of the learning process and be proactive in seeking additional resources or assistance when necessary.

Tech Support: Familiarize yourself with basic troubleshooting steps for common technical issues or seek assistance promptly if technical problems arise during the session.

Time Management: Use the allotted time efficiently and stay focused on the topics being covered.

Be Open to Feedback: Be receptive to feedback from the tutor and use it to improve understanding and academic performance

Complete the Post Tutoring Student Survey after the tutoring session ends.