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Time Management and Organization in Online Courses

Time management and organization, especially when it comes to independent classes such as the ones offered through VTVLC, can be incredibly tricky. Yet, these skills are crucial to success not only at VTVLC and in school, but in all aspects of life. As a result, I have developed a number of strategies that have helped me to succeed and motivate myself independently.

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Tips for Maintaining Mental Health While Going to School Online

Maintaining a good head space while completing school online is essential. If you are not in a good head space while schooling online, it is very likely you will fall behind, and it is easy to do so. Some ways of maintaining or improving your headspace while being online are staying social, exercising, taking on new hobbies, and listening to music.

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Why I Chose VTVLC

I have always been an exceptional student, earning straight-A’s and taking advantage of honors and Advanced Placement options wherever possible. At the beginning of my sophomore year, though, my grades started to slip. I was taking four Advanced Placement classes and two honors classes, but it became difficult to attend all of my classes each day due to medical issues. I knew I could not continue at a brick-and-mortar school and achieve the success I knew I was capable of.

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Student Spotlight: Gabriel Cianciolo

During 11th grade, Gabriel Ciancolo decided that he wanted to learn full-time with VTVLC. Ciancolo lived in Ukraine on and off from 2021 until the war broke out. Now, his parents have opened a home for Ukrainian refugees called Agape House of Mercy, and Ciancolo is a 12-grader taking Astronomy, Precalculus, African American History, Renewable Technologies, Digital Photography, and Journalism with VTVLC.

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Teacher Spotlight: Harold Vance

Harold Vance currently teaches middle school English language arts for the VTVLC full-time K-8 program. Before that, Vance was a Flexible Pathways Coordinator at BFA Fairfax, where he supported students in a variety of learning opportunities including social/emotional learning, online options, Work-Based Learning, and more.

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Student Spotlight: Ava Sargent

Ava Sargent, a 12th grader is currently taking four classes with VTVLC: AP Psychology, English IV, Geometry, and Forensic Science. However, Sargent has been studying with VTVLC for over three years.

“My favorite course I have taken with VTVLC is either this year’s Forensics or Marine Biology as a freshman,” Sargent said. “I think Biology was my favorite because of my amazing and supporting teacher and just learning about all the underwater life and what it really needs to survive in such harsh conditions.”

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Student Spotlight: Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade is a 10th grader, currently taking two classes at VTVLC: Algebra I and World History. Wade first got his start taking classes at VTVLC with U.S. History last year.

“My favorite class I’ve taken was U.S History with Ashley Newton,” Wade said. “She was helpful and it was also fun to learn about the history of The United States.” Wade says his performance in his U.S. History class marks the class as his greatest success at VTVLC.

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