VTVLC is a public school program that partners with VT schools to offer online learning to K-12. All our teachers are Vermont educators that are experts in their content area as well as online teaching specialists.

Our Vision

VTVLC’s vision is to deliver flexible online educational opportunities to Vermont students.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality virtual learning options for Vermont students, in order to advance flexible pathways and allow access to learning anytime, anywhere.


Students may opt for a virtual learning option with VTVLC for a variety of reasons. VTVLC can benefit:

  • Students who want to take a course that conflicts with their schedule can take the course online with VTVLC and learn when and where it’s convenient for them.
  • Students who want to take a course that’s not offered at their local school can choose courses from VTVLC’s expansive course catalog.
  • Students who need a self-paced option can take advantage of on-demand courses, which allow students to enroll on a rolling basis and complete the course within six months of enrolling.
  • Students who thrive in a virtual setting can take advantage of our full-time online programs. 

Still Curious?

Students have quite a few options at VTVLC when it comes to online learning, whether you want to sign up for one class while still attending a traditional school, study online as a home study student, or enroll in a full-time online program. Our course catalog has hundreds of course options, from rolling enrollment courses with flexible end-dates, to courses that align with a traditional academic calendar, to full-time programs, and more. 

VTVLC Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Gabriel Cianciolo

During 11th grade, Gabriel Ciancolo decided that he wanted to learn full-time with VTVLC. Ciancolo lived in Ukraine on and off from 2021 until the war broke out. Now, his parents have opened a home for Ukrainian refugees called Agape House of Mercy, and Ciancolo is a 12-grader taking Astronomy, Precalculus, African American History, Renewable Technologies, Digital Photography, and Journalism with VTVLC.

Student Spotlight: Ava Sargent

Ava Sargent, a 12th grader is currently taking four classes with VTVLC: AP Psychology, English IV, Geometry, and Forensic Science. However, Sargent has been studying with VTVLC for over three years.

“My favorite course I have taken with VTVLC is either this year’s Forensics or Marine Biology as a freshman,” Sargent said. “I think Biology was my favorite because of my amazing and supporting teacher and just learning about all the underwater life and what it really needs to survive in such harsh conditions.”

Student Spotlight: Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade is a 10th grader, currently taking two classes at VTVLC: Algebra I and World History. Wade first got his start taking classes at VTVLC with U.S. History last year.

“My favorite class I’ve taken was U.S History with Ashley Newton,” Wade said. “She was helpful and it was also fun to learn about the history of The United States.” Wade says his performance in his U.S. History class marks the class as his greatest success at VTVLC.

Student Spotlight: Kelsey Adams

Kelsey Adams, a senior who takes classes with VTVLC, first tried online learning during the COVID-19 lockdown and found that she preferred it to her in-person classes. “It made sense to take some online classes this year,” Adams said. “I found that it offered academic opportunities beyond those found at my in-person school.”

Student Spotlight: Caleb Leonard

Caleb Leonard decided to begin learning with VTVLC after his sophomore year at a brick-and-mortar school. “During my first two years, I got a glimpse of what online school might look like,” Leonard said. “I decided that online schooling was a better option for me because it gave me much more freedom and spare time than normal school.”

Student Spotlight: Eli Barlow

Eli Barlow began the full-time program with VTVLC in 2021 because of high-risk factors for COVID-19. “Continuing to learn from home was the best option for our family,” said Barlow’s dad.

Student Spotlight: Taybor Aldrich

Taybor Aldrich first began learning with VTVLC two years ago when he was asked to attend a hockey academy in New Hampshire.

“My days would be spent on the ice and my evenings would be dedicated to my studies,” Aldrich said. Attending the hockey academy will help him to earn recognition for his athletics which will possibly open doors for a college scholarship. “Since most kids my age attend school during the day and play sports after school hours, I needed to come up with a way to be able to make my dream of pursuing a hockey career beyond high school a reality.”

Student Spotlight: Lillian Quevado

Lillian Quevedo is not new to online learning. In fact, she is entering her third year of being an online learner, and her second year of learning with VTVLC. Lillian’s flexible schedule has allowed her to pursue her passion for Fashion and Design. Her love for fashion started at a young age when she would proudly pick out her own outfits. This love grew with the assistance of her grandmother, Cynthia Stevens, who taught Lillian how to sew pajamas for her family during the holidays. Stevens will be a featured guest speaker at the Fashion and Design Club this spring.


Are VTVLC courses accredited? 

VTVLC works under a cooperative model. Each course is offered by a Ver­mont pub­lic school, each school is accred­ited inde­pen­dently through (primarily) NEASC. The course cur­ricu­lum is licensed from FlexPoint which is accred­ited by two major agen­cies: The South­ern Asso­ci­a­tion of Col­leges and Schools (SACS) and The Com­mis­sion on Inter­na­tional and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

How are VTVLC courses assessed?

We believe that providing our students with information about where they are on the continuum of learning will help students, parents, and schools, better direct their efforts towards future growth.

VTVLC assesses and reports numerical grades in two distinct areas: Current Grade on Completed Work and Pace Grade. These areas are to illustrate two specific facets of the student’s efforts toward gaining proficiency.

Students are also assessed on two additional proficiencies: Self-Direction and Communication. These transferrable skills ensure that, in addition to mastering the skills relevant to the content of their course, our online students master skills that will serve them beyond the classroom.

You can find more information about the standards and proficiencies of each of our course offerings in our course catalog. 

Does VTVLC issue diplomas and GED’s?

Students who enroll with VTVLC can earn a diploma from a Vermont public high school while studying online. The Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP), offered as a flexible pathway toward graduation, allows students in tuition towns the option of earning their high school diploma from a geographically distant collaborating high school. Learn More!

When can I start?

Traditional enrollment courses, our K-8 full-time program, and our 9-12 full-time program are tied to a school calendar. Our fall semester typically begins after Labor Day and ends mid-January. Our spring semester typically begins mid-January and ends at the end of May. Please refer to our academic calendar for specific dates.

On-Demand courses, available to 9-12 students, offer an open-rolling enrollment option. We enroll students on the 1st and the 15th of each month. For more information please visit On Demand Enrollment.

What kind of classes are available?

VTVLC offers hundreds of online courses, which include:

Common Core Aligned Curriculum
Advanced Placement
NCAA Approved
Core Academics
Electives & World Languages
Health & PE