System Requirements

The Ver­mont Vir­tual Learn­ing Coop­er­a­tive tech­nol­ogy and courses make use of a wide vari­ety of fea­tures and tech­nolo­gies, such as Java, Flash, HTML5, CSS2/​3, and depend­ing on the course, other spe­cial­ized com­po­nents that help you achieve a more immer­sive learn­ing experience.

Due to the wide array of tech­nolo­gies in our over 150 course titles, there are some lim­i­ta­tions to browsers and devices we can sup­port. At present, we test and ver­ify a wide vari­ety of devices and have ongo­ing pro­grams to migrate away from any tech­nolo­gies that are not com­pli­ant with newer mobile plat­forms. In some of our older course ver­sions, light­weight devices such as Google Chrome­books or iPad that have lim­ited tech­nol­ogy sup­port for Java or Flash, may not be compatible with some courses. How­ever, most courses have been updated to be compatible on mobile devices.

Some courses may have dif­fer­ent or addi­tional require­ments to the one listed on this page. For spe­cific Sys­tem Require­ments for your course, go to the Mate­r­ial List page in the Course Infor­ma­tion tab within the course.

Internet Speed
As long as you have Inter­net access, you can take courses with VTVLC. How­ever, we do rec­om­mend broad­band speed. While it is pos­si­ble to take courses with dial-​up con­nec­tiv­ity, it will take a lit­tle longer for pages to load.

Minimum Operating System
Windows 7 or higher or
Mac OSX 7 or higher

Supported Browsers

We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

  • Chrome 30 and newer
  • Firefox 27 and newer
  • IE 11 and newer
  • Safari 7 and newer
  • Edge 12 and newer
  • Opera 12.1 and Opera 17 and newer

Recommended Accessories
Although technical requirements may vary from course to course, online teachers typically will use video conferencing tools​to support students from a distance. VTVLC recommends that all students should have access to speakers & microphone​ OR headphones with a microphone,​as well as a webcam.​ Most modern laptops are equipped with speakers, microphone and webcam, but you may want a headset depending on your setting.

Supported Browser Plugins and Settings
The fol­low­ing plu­g­ins and set­tings are required to use our courses:

JavaScript enabled
Cook­ies enabled
Flash installed
Java installed

Is your browser up to date?
Below is the browser setup you are using. Please con­firm the sup­ported browser, plu­g­ins and set­tings are installed and configured.

Your expe­ri­ence and sat­is­fac­tion will vary plat­form to plat­form. If you see issues in your course con­tent or presentation/​layout, please try a dif­fer­ent browser or device.

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