Full Time K-8

Full-Time K-8 Option

VTVLC is part of the Vermont public education system and is supporting school districts across the state with the same learning systems we have used in our online courses for the last eleven years with over 10,000 students. Learning online requires a variety of supports that VTVLC has in place for student success.

K-8 students will be taught their Core Subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts) from a certified Vermont Educator who also holds the Online Teaching Specialist Endorsement (OTS).

Students will have daily Core Subject meetings, small-group, and personalized 1:1 instruction. VTVLC coursework is licensed and specifically designed for students to learn online. Schools continue to provide devices, meals, and counseling.

In addition to the daily meetings, each teacher will have “online office hours” so students can reach out and receive additional help when needed. These sessions will be “synchronous”, meaning they will be meeting via Zoom. In addition, much of the work which is being done online can be done “asynchronously”, meaning at time that is convenient for both the student and family if support is needed from home.

Registration Info

Complete the Act 77 Flexible Pathways Enrollment Form with your local school and submit to lgagner@vtvlc.org to save your spot for the 2022-2023 school year. Students are NOT enrolled until this request for support is signed by both parties and confirmed by VTVLC. It is the responsibility of the parent OR the school to return the completed form to VTVLC. Enrollments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Act 77 Flexible Pathways Enrollment Form


  • Taught by an OTS-endorsed VT teacher
  • Flexible work environment
  • No Snow Days
  • VTVLC supplies a Special Ed Consultant to work with your local Special Education Team
  • Electives
  • Student clubs
  • Monthly virtual field trips


  • For the FY23 school year, Vermont public schools may enroll students at no cost. (Enrollment does not use free/earned seats. This is above and beyond a district’s free/earned seats).

Enrollment Dates

Amount of Time: 

3-5 hours per core course
1 hour per elective course

Number of Assignments: 

2-4 per core course
1 per elective course

Learning Activities: Computer Based 

Attending class time, collaborating with classmates, reading lessons, listening to audio clips, interactive practice, video-based lessons

Learning Activities:

Handwritten worksheets, coloring/matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments

Example Lessons

Language Arts – K

Language Arts – Grade 3

Language Arts – Grade 4

Science – Grade 3

Mathematics – K

Mathematics – Grade 5

Science – Grade 2

Physical Education – Grade 4

Social Studies – Grade 1

Social Studies – Grade 3

Physical Education – K

Technology – Grade 3

Art – Grade 1

Art – Grade 3

Technology – Grade 2

Middle School Language Arts II

VTVLC Parent Guide

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