Home Study Options

How can VTVLC support my home study curriculum?

Thank you for stop­ping in and con­sid­er­ing VTVLC as an option to sup­port your edu­ca­tion. We under­stand that every family’s edu­ca­tional needs are unique, and that you have choices in how and when you learn. Online learn­ing can pro­vide you the flex­i­bil­ity you need to enjoy hob­bies, trav­el­ing, and other ben­e­fits unique to home study households.

If you are a home study family outside the state of Vermont, we are happy to support your home study program.  All options below are applicable.  However, your local school support may vary state to state. We encourage you to contact your state’s Department of Education for clarification.

1.) Ask for Support for Teacher Facilitated Courses

In accor­dance with the Ver­mont Agency of Education’s Mem­o­ran­dum dated April 2014, all schools are encour­aged to sup­port home study stu­dents who request access to VTVLC pro­grams.

In order to request this sup­port, the VTVLC Enroll­ment Sup­port Release form must be filled out by the home study par­ent and approved by the local school administrator.

If in cooperation with local school, up to 40% (2 credits) is allowed and still considered home study as part of the provisions available to home study students under Act 119.

Com­plete Home Study Enrollment Release Form (For Vermont residents only)

  1. Home study par­ent com­pletes Sec­tion A of the VTVLC Enroll­ment Sup­port Release Form
  2. Sub­mit form to the local school your child would attend if he/she attended pub­lic school
  3. Local school admin­is­tra­tor com­pletes Sec­tion B of the VTVLC Enroll­ment Sup­port Release Form

It is the respon­si­bil­ity of the home study par­ent to return the com­plete form to VTVLC prior to course start date. See the VTVLC Academic Calendar for course start dates.

2.) Pay Out of Pocket for Teacher Facilitated Courses

If the school your child would attend is not willing to support the cost of enrollment for VTVLC courses, you have the option to pay out of pocket for VTVLC courses.

If you are paying out of pocket, there is no limit on the number of courses you enroll your child in to still be considered home study. Simply include the use of VTVLC courses as part of the plan you submit to the Vermont Agency of Education.

To pay out of pocket, complete and return the Authorization and Enrollment Fee Form.  Students are not enrolled until this authorization form is signed and received by VTVLC. Enrollments are on a space available, first-come, first-served basis.

3.) Parent Facilitated eCurriculum

VTVLC offers home study families the ability to use the same award winning curriculum used by our VT licensed educators and local high schools around the state.

Accounts are created for you and your child. With you in the role as teacher, you will be able to manage, edit, grade and analyze the data generated in the courses. VTVLC hosts your eCurriculum on their Virtual Campus to create a Hybrid Classroom that is available 24/7.

Browse course offerings for eCurriculum – Parent Facilitated.