Home Study Options

VTVLC offers a variety of options that can support home study families accessing VTVLC’s online learning options.

Full-Time Benefits

  • Taught by an OTS-endorsed VT teacher
  • Flexible work environment
  • VTVLC supplies a Special Ed Consultant to work with your local Special Education Team
  • Electives
  • Student clubs
  • Monthly virtual field trips

Amount of Time

3-5 hours per course, per week
2-6 assignments per course, per week

Hands-on Learning Activities

Handwritten worksheets, coloring/matching worksheets, projects, performing experiments

Online Learning Activities

Attending class time, collaborating with classmates, reading lessons, listening to audio clips, interactive practice, video-based lessons

Home Study Options

We under­stand that every family’s edu­ca­tional needs are unique. You have choices in how and when you learn. Online learn­ing can pro­vide the flex­i­bil­ity you need to enjoy hob­bies, trav­el­ing, and other ben­e­fits unique to home study households.

Every family in Vermont has the right to home study. All home study students can request up to two classes at their local school per semester. Request VTVLC classes, and retain home study status. Learn more about VT Home Study from the VT AOE.

If you are a home study family outside the state of Vermont, we can support your home study program. Teacher-facilitated and parent-facilitated options below are applicable. However, your local school support may vary from state to state. We encourage you to contact your state’s Department of Education for clarification.

VTVLC offers a variety of options for home study families for online coursework. You can ‘mix and match’ different types of enrollment to meet the specific needs of your family.

K-8 Home Study Pricing

9-12 Home Study Pricing

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