9-12 Programs

Whether students are looking for single courses to supplement their brick-and-mortar studies or a full-time virtual option, VTVLC has a program to fit the needs of Vermont’s 9th- through 12th-graders.

Full Time 9-12

The flexibility of learning virtually, full-time with VTVLC means that you can take high school with you, wherever you go.

Part Time Online Programs for 9-12

Need a learning option that allows you to learn at your own pace? Have a scheduling conflict that prevents you from taking the courses you want? Register for a VTVLC course, a la carte.

On-Demand Courses

Learn at your own pace: start a half-credit course at any time, and complete within six months.

Traditional Courses

Take one of your courses online during the fall or spring semester in addition to your regular school schedule. 


Personalized Assessment of Student Standards: design your own course, and earn high school credit.

VTVLC Student Blog

Technology & Virtual School

Technology in today’s world is used in many ways, both negatively and positively. One of the positive ways is the availability of virtual learning. Without technology, online learning would be impossible.

A Day in the Life of a Virtual School Student: What to Expect

A normal day for me as a virtual student is both simple and routine. I take on-demand classes, which means my learning is not tethered to a traditional fall/spring academic calendar, and I can work at my own pace. Each day, after I get ready for the day and eat breakfast, I switch my attention to all the work I have to do. I usually work for five hours at a time, take a break for about an hour, and then complete any personal work I need to complete. I then run some errands, eat dinner, and unwind from the day.

Finding Support and Resources in a Virtual School Community

Making sure you are supported by a reliable group of people is so important, especially when you are going to school virtually. In a virtual setting, when you need help, you can’t simply find your teacher in a school building or classroom. Additionally, in some rolling admission classes, it may not be possible to interact with peers that could assist you, either. If you need help from a teacher, the onus is on you to reach out and schedule an appointment to get the help you need. It is also important to have family or friends that can be there for extra support when you need it.

Time Management and Organization in Online Courses

Time management and organization, especially when it comes to independent classes such as the ones offered through VTVLC, can be incredibly tricky. Yet, these skills are crucial to success not only at VTVLC and in school, but in all aspects of life. As a result, I have developed a number of strategies that have helped me to succeed and motivate myself independently.

Tips for Maintaining Mental Health While Going to School Online

Maintaining a good head space while completing school online is essential. If you are not in a good head space while schooling online, it is very likely you will fall behind, and it is easy to do so. Some ways of maintaining or improving your headspace while being online are staying social, exercising, taking on new hobbies, and listening to music.

Differences Between Brick-and-Mortar and Online Learning

There are many differences between VTVLC and in-person learning, especially when it comes to the hands-on work being completed by students. These can make shifting from online to in-person, or vice versa, a tricky adjustment. Some of these key differences consist of time, class structure, and teaching style.

Why I Chose VTVLC

I have always been an exceptional student, earning straight-A’s and taking advantage of honors and Advanced Placement options wherever possible. At the beginning of my sophomore year, though, my grades started to slip. I was taking four Advanced Placement classes and two honors classes, but it became difficult to attend all of my classes each day due to medical issues. I knew I could not continue at a brick-and-mortar school and achieve the success I knew I was capable of.

The Widened World of Online Learning

If you’ve turned on the news lately, you’ve probably seen footage of people protesting across the country. These individuals are coming from hundreds of different backgrounds. They don’t know the story of the person next to them, but they’re there together, ready to demand change. It’s incredible to watch. We’re living through history-making events, and while it is inspiring, it can also be scary. Fortunately, I’m more prepared than ever, because of the world exposure I receive for taking my classes online.

Brainstorming Ways to Improve Traditional Classrooms

There are a number of ways traditional school could be improved that I would love to see make the jump from idea to reality. While the feasibility of implementation ranges from simple to complex, the following are ways traditional schools could be improved to foster greater enjoyment, productivity, and motivation.

Opportunities for Learning Outside of the Online Classroom

VTVLC Student Blog The current pandemic has brought along a lot of change since Governor Phil Scott announced the Stay Home, Stay Safe order that went into effect in late March. Among these changes, at least for a period of time, is the deferment of what is considered...