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A Day in the Life of a Virtual School Student: What to Expect

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Student Blog, Virtual Learning, VTVLC Students

 A normal day for me as a virtual student is both simple and routine. I take on-demand classes, which means my learning is not tethered to a traditional fall/spring academic calendar, and I can work at my own pace.

Each day, after I get ready for the day and eat breakfast, I switch my attention to all the work I have to do. I usually work for five hours at a time, take a break for about an hour, and then complete any personal work I need to complete. I then run some errands, eat dinner, and unwind from the day.

DBAs, or discussion-based assessments, are another big part of my days learning with VTVLC. One of the many ways virtual teachers assess a student’s mastery of the course concepts, DBAs consist of discussing everything you’ve learned in the past couple of months with your teacher, but sometimes these act as quizzes of sorts. Students need to be confident in their knowledge and make sure to ask questions beforehand if needed when preparing for a discussion-based assessment. 

There are lessons in each module which students must take note of for the quizzes, as well as for assignments. One strategy I use throughout my school days is to copy and paste the instructions for a given assignment into the document on which I’m completing the assignment, so that I don’t need to toggle between my online course and my assignment. This saves me time when completing assignments.

Also, I make sure to have all my notes on hand when completing assignments to ensure the accuracy of my responses. Additionally, it is important for students to take their time while note-taking, being sure to keep organized for easy access to relevant notes. Any strategies which save small chunks of time are vital in ensuring I make the best use out of my days.

In order to be successful in virtual learning, it is important to make a plan for you and your classes and to make sure, find efficiencies, and hold yourself accountable for the work that needs to be completed. It is also crucial to stay organized and proactive