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Technology & Virtual School

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Student Blog, Virtual Learning, VTVLC Students

Technology in today’s world is used in many ways, both negatively and positively. One of the positive ways is the availability of virtual learning. Without technology, online learning would be impossible. 

Today, technology and the many ways you can interact with it pose both advantages and threats to young children and teens as their ideologies develop. For young teens especially, technology feeds into harmful ideas related to self-image, love, and even other bigger issues. Yet, technology can also be an escape from these issues as well as an escape from one’s mental state. This, too, can be both harmful and helpful.  

Conversely, technology can also help to enable students to learn virtually. Not only does virtual learning help many different kinds of students by providing the opportunity to get ahead, to have time to travel, but it can also help students to focus on their school work rather than some of the interpersonal drama that can come with a brick-and-mortar school. 

Online school also provides an opportunity for struggling students to be able to complete their work without having to be responsible for being at a physical location every day. This may be a challenge for students who travel a lot, live with two different parents, or students who are struggling with physical or mental health. It also eliminates the burden of having to wake up early in the morning every day, allowing online students to get an appropriate amount of sleep.

Technology makes all of these opportunities possible, making coursework accessible to students who may struggle with certain aspects of brick-and-mortar classes. Technology is the life support for online school, as without it there would be no way for online school to exist.