Welcome Parents!

Greetings and thank you for considering having your child enroll in an online course with the
Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. As parents, we want to make sure that programs and courses are “good fit” for our children. Ideally, they will be encouraged to work outside their “comfort zone” in a supportive way as to prepare them for some of the new opportunities that the changing educational landscape is seeing.

Common Questions

What is the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative? Is it accredited?
VTVLC is a collaborative effort of Vermont schools to provide online courses and programs to
Vermont students. We are a supplemental program, not a diploma granting institution. All of our
courses are fully online, and accredited by the Vermont partner schools that offer the courses.
Our courses meet or exceed national standards.

How does VTVLC work?
The Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative is a little different than most traditional schools. Our
teachers are real, the coursework is real, and the grades students receive at the end of each course
are real. If your a student attending a Vermont school, they are probably eligible to enroll in
VTVLC online courses at no cost. Vermont Virtual provides students with “Virtual School
Choice” by providing access to dozens of courses taught by teachers from schools throughout
Vermont. These courses will appear as transfer credits from the school where the course
originates from, and meet the same status as face to face courses as if you took them at your local

A common question from students is: “How hard are online classes?”
The short answer is that they are just as difficult and time consuming as traditional courses, and many times more rigorous. So why take an online course? First, they allow students to be more flexible with their schedules. Students that participate in sports, arts, work or other community activities may find that the flexibility found in online courses allows them to pursue their passion without sacrificing school work..

Observer Account

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Assessments & Proficiencies

Checking Grades

Course Catalog

Calendar & Important Dates


Secondly, more and more colleges and universities offer online programs as part of their expectations for enrolled students. VTVLC prepares students by helping them become successful online learners, and therefore better prepared to meet the challenges of today’s post-secondary


What if you don’t plan to go to college?
A recent study reported that over 50% of industry training now takes place online. What better way to prepare for a career by learning the ins and outs of online learning.

Does my child actually have a teacher?
YES! All VTVLC courses are taught by Vermont licensed teachers who are highly qualified in their subject matter when applicable. All our teachers are currently employed by a Vermont school. Teachers are available via phone, text, email and/ or Video Chat during their online office hours. As your student works through the modules of a course, he or she will connect with the teacher to take exams online and receive discussion- based assessments over the phone or via video chat. Students do the work independently, but they talk with the teacher via phone at least once per month. This monthly call provides your student with the opportunity to not only hear a progress report, but also to speak with the teacher and ask questions. Once your student completes the course, grades are made available and sent directly to the school or district of record. They then appear on the transcript, just like all other grades. How courses appear on a transcript may vary locally, so check with your local district for further details on your local school procedure.

What are the main reasons for taking online courses?

1. Availability: Many schools have to decide on what courses they will be able to offer, based on the faculty employed in their school. It can be difficult to cover all of the core academics, let alone broader academic, Advanced Placement, and elective courses. Vermont Virtual provides
students with a greater availability to courses, offered by teachers throughout Vermont.

2. Accessibility: At larger schools, course catalogs can contain numerous offerings for students. However, if those courses are offered at the same time as a core academic course that is a graduation requirement, then the student has to make a difficult decision about which course to
take. Enrolling in an online course, allows the student to benefit from the unique options available at their school.

3. Flexibility: Not all students learn the same way, at the same time. Because VTVLC courses can be scheduled into the student’s day at any time, students are free to work on their courses at times that makes the most sense for them. We find that students can be much more successful with this type of flexibility in scheduling

Your child’s courses are hosted in the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas.

If your child is enrolled in a VTVLC course, you have access to an Observer Account in Canvas to check-in on your child and their course.

Some things you can do with your Canvas Observer Account:

  • View detailed grade information and teacher feedback – you see what the student sees!
  • Assignment due dates, points earned and total points for assessments
  • Read Announcements
  • Discussions your students are involved in
  • Detailed Course Syllabus – course description, expectations, grading policies and assignment due dates all in one place


Home Study Families

VTVLC offers a variety of options for home study families for online coursework. You can ‘mix and match’ different types of enrollment to meet the specific needs of your family. Learn more!

NEW! Collaborative Diploma Program (CDP)

Your child can now earn their high school diploma online from a choice of Vermont schools. Learn more!

PASS – Personalized Assessment of Student Standards

PASS allows students to create their own course and get high school credit for it. Learn more!

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