Partner with VTVLC

Find out how VTVLC Partnership can meet your needs during the 2024-2025 school year.

2024-2025 Pricing

Teaching Partners Non-Teaching Partners
Partner Fee $0 $0
Need to commit a teacher Yes No
Earned Traditional Seats
(for each .2 FTE teacher)
40 10
Earned On-Demand/PASS Seats
(for each .2 FTE teacher)
5 0
Additional Traditional Seats Cost
(above or beyond the earned traditional enrollments)
$100 $300
Additional On-Demand/PASS Seats Cost
(above or beyond the earned on-demand enrollments)
$325 $425
Full-time 9-12 Enrollment
(above or beyond the earned traditional enrollments)
$1,500/semester $2,000/semester
Full-time K-8 Enrollment
$1,500/semester $2,000/semester
Partner with us Partner with us

Teaching Partners

Commit a teacher to facilitating two half-credit courses for VTVLC as part of their regular teaching schedule in 2024-2025 and earn:

Traditional Seats

in VTVLC fall/spring classes

On-Demand Seats

in classes that can begin anytime and completed within six months

Partner Incentive for 2024-2025

For any schools that contribute a new partner teacher (who did not act as a partner teacher in the 2023-2024 school year) who is Online Teaching Specialist (OTS) Endorsed or earning their OTS, the school will be credited $1000 to use towards any excess traditional or on-demand enrollment options to be used within the same fiscal year.

Non-Teaching Partners

Partner with VTVLC and earn:

Traditional Seats

in VTVLC fall/spring classes

Committing an Educator for the Teaching Partnership

A Teaching Partner is a teacher from your school who facilitates an online course as part of the statewide VTVLC catalog. 

Don’t have an OTS-endorsed educator to commit to VTVLC teaching partnership? The Northeast Online Teaching Institute’s Certificate in Online Teaching Program (CiOT) meets all the standards for the OTS endorsement. The next CiOT program starts in March 2024. Visit NEOTI.org for more information. 

How to Partner with Us


Identify your level of partnership (teaching or non-teaching) with VTVLC and any partner teachers you will be committing, if applicable.

Early March

VTVLC will automatically send an invitation to sign the 2024-2025 Partnership Agreement to the superintendent of your district or supervisory union

Mid March

VTVLC will provide a roster where you will indicate contact information for partner teachers and virtual learning support personnel.

April 3rd

Signed agreements and rosters are due to VTVLC in order to partner for FY25. Your school will be eligible for priority fall registration.