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Get to Know VTVLC Principal of 9-12, Jessica Leo

by | Sep 8, 2023

As VTVLC Principal of 9-12, Jessica Leo coordinates VTVLC’s full-time high school program. We recently caught up with her to ask about the upcoming school year. 

“I have the pleasure of working with students, families, VTVLC Student Support, and Vermont schools to support the success of our students,” Leo said. 

Leo has had a long tenure with VTVLC. Serving as a 9-12 Principal since 2022, Leo once served as VTVLC Dean of Students. Prior to that, Leo was a partner teacher, spending part of her day at a brick-and-mortar partner school facilitating an online class with VTVLC.

“I immediately fell in love with teaching online. I knew early on that I would love to work full-time for a virtual school,” Leo said. “I love that we can provide a flexible, high-quality educational option for Vermont students.”

The technology that underpins virtual learning, Leo says, is an integral part of what makes the VTVLC environment special. “VTVLC helps students become independent and self-sufficient learners,” Leo said. “Technology allows for VTVLC programming to be innovative and rigorous. It allows VTVLC to always be on the cutting edge of online teaching and learning.” Prior to transitioning to the virtual environment, Leo was always passionate about education. “I remember as a young child playing ‘school’ with my siblings,” Leo said. “I was always the teacher!” After teaching for close to 20 years, an opportunity for Leo to become an administrator presented itself, and Leo decided she was up for the challenge. Under Leo’s leadership, VTVLC’s full-time 9-12 program has grown from a handful of students five years ago to over 50 students for this upcoming school year.

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I love that we can provide a flexible, high-quality educational option for Vermont students.

“We have established a new process for onboarding and supporting students to better ensure their success,” Leo said. “We have also added two more collaborative diploma schools.” Collaborative Diploma Schools are schools that award high school diplomas to students who may be geographically distant and take all their courses online with VTVLC.


Leo is excited to see how that growth can continue during this school year. “I’m excited about the amazing group of students we have enrolled,” Leo said. “We have students from all around the state.” This year, Leo’s focus is all about building a school community. All full-time high school students will be enrolled in a homeroom where they can connect with other students, VTVLC is home to a variety of clubs that students can join, and a variety of virtual and in-person field trips are in the works for the school year ahead.  “Full-time online students can often feel isolated,” Leo said. “My goal is to help students connect to establish a community.” Leo says the most essential values of the VTVLC community are respect and kindness, which all VTVLC Staff and Faculty help to promote in order to help all students feel welcome. What does Leo most want students to know as they prepare for the upcoming school year? “Communicate and stay on pace!” Leo said. “Communication is vital in online learning. If you have a question, please ask. We are here to help!”  Staying on pace, according to Leo, helps students be the most successful in their classes and reduces stress towards the end of the semester. “Our teachers and staff look forward to welcoming and supporting all new and returning students,” Leo said.  As for Vermonters who may not be as familiar with VTVLC’s offerings, Leo highlighted that VTVLC has great options for both part-time and full-time students. “The goal at VTVLC is to break down the barriers of course availability and accessibility, as well as flexibility for Vermont students.”